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DCLA Ojectives

Purpose and Mission

Our purpose is to promote and develop cooperative library services in Douglas County in response to the needs of the residents of Douglas County. Our mission is to create a cooperative group of independent member libraries in Douglas County seeking to address issues affecting all members by working together to offer unified products and services, limited guidance on administration and operations and the continuance of library accessibility for all residents of Douglas County.


1.To provide at no cost to independent member libraries in Douglas County the following services:

2. In addition, the DCLA offers Overdrive™ Library2Go an independent DCLA subscription service, that will allow a registered user to “borrow” and download eBooks and audiobooks to an eReader, tablet, smartphone, MP3 player, or computer. Due to a generous grant from the Douglas County Library Foundation, any resident of Douglas County that registers before December 31, 2018 will have one year of free Library2Go service. After January 1, 2019 any resident of Douglas County can register to use DCLA's Library2Go upon payment of an annual $25 fee effective on the signup date. The net funds collected from all Library2Go subscription fees received by the DCLA will be used to acquire access to additional e-books and audiobooks from Overdrive™.

3. Promote the acceptance of common policies and procedures that representatives of the independent member libraries agree upon. This might include common lending periods, standard overdue fines, and other matters that would benefit from common agreement among the independent member libraries.

Independent libraries will, among other things, have full control over